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Pench national park is located in southern Madhya Pradesh state. It is spread over Satpura range and have dense forest where healthy wildlife can be seen during jungle safari drives. It is spread over Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra states. Majority of popular safari area is in Madhya Pradesh. Here tourists can enter through various entry gates like Touria, Karmajhiri, Jhamtara etc. These entrance gates are in Madhya Pradesh state. Where as other gates like Sillari, Khursapar etc are in Maharashtra state. Khursapar is usually considered as entrance gate for Pench national park but basically it is Mansinghdeo Wildlife Sanctuary which is just attached to national park, with no physical boundary and part of Pench Tiger Reserve. Villages are present close to all these entrance gates.

Pench of Madhya Pradesh
Pench national park area laying in Madhya Pradesh state is more popular among tourists and majority of tourists knows only this part of national park. Here three popular entrance gates are used for access i.e. Touria, Karmajhiri and Jhamtara. Villages are present close to these gates. In between them, Touria is the most popular entrance gate which allows maximum number of safari vehicles to enter. Majority of hotels and resorts are located in and around Touria village. While reaching this entrance gate, we will not get the feel of being in tiger reserve as it is now seems to be very much commercialized with concrete roads, cemented houses, mobile towers, many shops etc. It can be seen in both the ways i.e. as a sigh of progress of society and at the same time it is commercialization of forested area. Here local society is engaged in different activities like working in hotels or resorts, working in Forest Department, working as safari guides, running shops, running safari vehicles etc. Here agricultural activities is not prominently visible as all main road land is purchased by hoteliers or other outsiders. Similarly if we reach Karmajhiri gate, we find it remote location where commercialization is yet to come. Here mobile signals are weak but available. This site can be reached by bus or cab only. Karmajhiri society is more dependent on agricultural and less involved in tourism activities. Still we can find many safari guides from these villages. Its nearby township is Seoni or Seonee. Some of the young people, prefers to do job in Seoni town. Here we can find some potter villages also but it is decreasing as they are unable to earn handsome income through it. Due to less number of safari tickets from this gate, tourism is not much developed here. Same is the condition of Jhamtara gate.

In order to develop other forest areas for tourism, recently Forest Department introduced online safari tickets for Ruhkhad and Teliya zones. These are the buffer safari zones and available to tourists for jungle safari drives. Developement of buffer safari zones will accommodate more local people to Forest Department jobs like forest guard, safari guide, mahaout etc.

Pench of Maharashtra
While we come to Pench Tiger Reserve areas, laying in Maharashtra area, we can find entrance gate like Sillari, Khursapar, Kolitmaara, Chorbahuli etc. In present scenario, these safari gates are less used by tourists for safari activities. Among them Khursapar has gained popularity among visitors due to good tiger sighting and thus, tourism is increasing in this region. Other gates are still ignored. Hotel industry has expressed no interest in close to these entrance gates thus local society have very limited sources of livelihood. Local people are either engaged in agriculture, doing fishing, engaged in pottery, working in government offices etc. Here Totalah dam has been constructed which has generated some job options for educated class.

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